The Wildlife Co.

Specializing in educational presentations with exotic animals.

Important Announcement!

The Wildlife Company is undergoing a big change and it's time to let everyone know! I'm pregnant with my second baby and I have decided that I just can't continue working at the pace that I have been. Because of this, I have made the decision to merge with Wild Wonders. I have worked hand and hand with them for  over 14 years and I strongly believe in their conservation focused work. I have been personal friends with both Jackie Navarro (Director) and Kimberly Wright (Managing Director) for just as long and believe that they will carry on the mission of The Wildlife Company and continue to serve our clients to the high standards they have become accustom to. 

For those of you that have an existing booking, you already know that I have hired a subcontractor to complete those bookings. I hope they will serve you well this summer and encourage you to try Wild Wonders for a future booking. 

This is a bittersweet change for me and I am going to miss working with all of our amazing clients! I will be involved through summer so if you have any questions you can always contact me at our existing phone number: 760.439.6444 or email: Both of these will lead you to Wild Wonders as of mid August.

Thank you for your friendship, business and understanding. 

Jessica Larios

Birthday Parties

Give your child a wild birthday experience they will never forget! Wild animals at your next party will open the imaginations of all your guests, young and old. Choose six of your favorite animals from our exciting guest list of animal ambassadors or just choose one of our ready-to-go programs. We put the animals in their favorite party clothes (if their natural skin counts as party clothes!) and we come ready to party!

Every birthday party includes a full intimate hour of educational and entertaining adventure with hands on time with the animals and as many questions as your guests can ask.

What You Get

A 45 minute interactive and fun animal experience presented by a professional wildlife educator. Your child will be brought up on 'stage' to be our special helper. Party guests will have a hands on experience with at least one of our animal ambassadors and leave with memories that can't be beat.

Birthday Party Planning Tips

Our birthday party program is a 45 min presentation with 6 animals from our facility. 

We recommend a program start time of at least 30 min after the time your guest are scheduled to arrive.

Our program is appropriate for all ages, although we feel children 4+ gain more from our conservation message. 

The birthday boy or girl will get to go up 'on stage' and help out during the show -- and the invited guests are also very involved. We allow them to experience and touch as many of the animals as possible in a safe environment.

We'll need a shady, easily accessible area of about 10' x 10' with a barrier behind us (e.g. fence, wall, tree, bush): the animals don't appreciate people approaching from behind. 

Please leave the area the animals will be located free of balloons and / or streamers. 

Your trainer(s) will arrive about 10-15 min prior to the scheduled show time to set up. 

If you live in a gated community, please confirm you've provided a gate code. 

If possible, please save a close parking spot for our vehicle. 

We find the kids do best sitting on the ground. 

Gratuity is not necessary, but appreciated, if you feel like our trainer(s) has gone above and beyond to make your program fantastic. 

If you would like to book a program just let me know and I'll send over our credit card authorization form to hold the date. Nothing is charged to the card unless there is a cancelation without rescheduling within 14 days of the event. 


The Wildlife Co. PO Box 2631 Vista, CA 92085 760.439.6444